• Process


At PebbleDash Builders, we’re thrilled to be able to offer a new and simplified approach to building a home. It involves true collaboration to provide you with exactly what you want: your dream home, on time and within budget. We call it the DesignBuild Solution.

By unifying the process, costs are streamlined and the project timeline significantly reduced. Our DesignBuild Solution removes potential headaches and allows for an exciting and collaborative experience.

The Process at a Glance


Concept Plan & Initial Budget

Refining Plan, Construction Drawings & Budget

Plan Sign-Off

Building Your home

DesignBuild Solution Advantages

Tighter budgetary control

The plans you see will be plans that meet your stated, upfront budget;

Reduced project timeframe

In most cases, we can take the average 24 month-timeframe to 12 months for both the design and a building of the home


There is collaborative creative work and complete accountability; the result is a shared sense of investment in the outcome

Streamlined costs and efficiencies

With reducing changes to design or construction; you’ll save money and hassles.

The way we discussed an arched gable, the way lighting and windows would affect us — they never forgot the human element while they built.